Abdulla Ali Al-Zainal CSR Manager

An award-winning and confident team leader with a personal commitment to excellence. I have developed my skills with a focus on global trade and international standards. With a diverse repertoire of skills, I lead and train my team to deliver higher results in a reliable and sustainable manner.


CSR Manager

- 1st Place Winner of National Awards for "Best CSR Idea 2019"

- Leader for Human Rights and Corporate Sustainability

- Championed a 5-year research agreement with Qatar University, a public-private partnership (PPP)

- Networking with News Agencies, Ministries and NGOs

- Supervise Supplier due diligence and Supply Chain Audits

- Member of Audit Committee responsible for ISO certification

- Innovation Research & Development Board Secretary

- Designed cost-effective Global Service Agreements

- Supporting Qatar's 2022 FIFA World Cup initiatives

- Directly managing a team of 4, with additional indirect staff

- Conducting and Managing Internal and External Performance and Compliance Audits

- ISO, EMS, GSAS Corporate lead Auditora

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